A virtual exhibition of artwork made during the 2020 pandemic.  Usually at home.  Sometimes about home. 

Early this summer I noticed when viewing Instagram that many artists (including some who might not call themselves “artist”) had started new–frequently daily–art projects.  Exactly what motivated this activity varied, but it has been so widespread that putting together an exhibition of such art made during this time seemed like a fruitful way to reflect on our current state.  To be clear, when I say “our current state” I’m speaking to the isolated, yet, in that common isolation, somehow shared, state.

Rine Boyer

Jonah Criswell

Alexis Duque

Akram Esmaeli

Minnie Fawcett-Tang

Berna Gulbey

Lauren Haldeman

Karen Kaapcke

Tia Keo

Kevin Kurecki

Peter Brown Leighton

Emily Lindskoog

Lilly McElroy

Beth Reitmeyer

Robert Rhodes

Laura Wennstrom

Faith Zamble